Sanguine Snow


Full Name: Sanguine Footprints in Snow

A red-haired Northman who is a voluntary Lycanthrope. Snow turns into a bear, but his bear forms have red fur like his hair.

His past and previous affiliations are a mystery. Snow does not turn in public unless the situation is absolutely dire.


STR 18, DEX 12, CON 18, BODY 16, INT 13, EGO 12, PRES 15
SPD 2, REC 10, END 36, STUN 34
Defenses 6/6 PD/ED
Run 6, Swim 2, Leap 4

Nature Magic Pool 25 (Control 33)
Multiform 12 (43 AP)
Full Bear

Battle Axe, 2d6 KA, STR min 13
Med Round Shield +2 DCV, (HA)2d6N, Str Min 10, 4 BOD, 3 DEF

Sanguine Snow

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