Half Orc Clown trained in the Orc Battle Dance


STR 23, DEX 11, CON 16, BODY 14, INT 8, EGO 11, PRE 23
SPD 3, REC 8, END 32, STUN 34
Defenses: 9/8 PD/ED 4/4 rPD/rED
Run 8, Swim 2, Leap 5

Orc Abilities
   Tusk Bite Attack: 1/2dK (1 DC)

   Music Magic Pool 5 (Control 22)
   War Dance Powers 36 (MP)
       Battle (OCV/DCV)
       Inspire (OCV/DC UBO)
       CounterSong (CE, Casting Penalty)
       Fascinate (PRE Attack)

   Drummer Armor: 4/4 rPD/rED + Hearing Images (Drums)
   Orc Double Axe: +1 OCV, 2 1/2dK (6 DC), STR Min 15, 2H, Double Weapon


Stomp was raised in the Gory Foot Tribe and since he was half human, he was given to the bards to train. Orc bards are mostly drummers and war chanters who get orcish hordes riled up before battle, but an elite cadre of particularly skilled and agile bards learn the Battle Dance. Stomp trained as a warrior, dancer and drummer and became a worthy Battle Dancer if not an actual berserker.

His decision to leave the Boiling Lands and investigate his human heritage came from a tense meeting with an Elf. He became good friends with the Elf and nursed him back to health while learning some of his ways and music. He was given a token of friendship and he now dubs himself “Elf Friend”.

He realized that music can be more than the excited heartbeats of frenzied hordes and went to the human lands to the west to seek new music and new experiences. He found that he had a gift for comedy and uses it to help diffuse and disarm humans who would otherwise revile him. Seemingly without shame or pride, he debases himself for the crowd, but their laughter and applause gives him more validation than their fear.


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